The Journey Of A Wave. By Jeremiah Wong.
The Journey Of A Wave.

                    By Jeremiah Wong. nature  #water  #ocean #earth #love stories

jeremiahwong just a 15 year old trying his best :)
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Ever wondered the origin or journey a Wave has to go through? The simplest ripples form gigantic waves until it finally reaches the shore.

The Journey Of A Wave. By Jeremiah Wong.

Through the colossal Ocean , Traverses a modest wave , With such an exquisite motion , So insignificant yet brave.

It dances with the breeze , It potrays an elegant show, Amplifying gradually with ease , It's elegance it bestows.

It gleams with profound essence, Reflecting the beauty of the Night , And with the Sky's presence, It mirrors the moonlight.

It emerges from the within , And conjuncts with the Marine , It caresses with tail fins , And pursues the Pacific greens.

With serenity it scales , The vast aquatic realm , Far away from it's trails , It finally meets its end.

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