The Endgame
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The Avengers!

The Endgame

What was left of the Avengers was demoralized. All indicators pointed to a Thanos victory

Captain Marvel, who was called by Nick Fury before he disappeared, arrived on the scene.

After learning what happened, she ignored pleas from Cap and immediately challenged Thanos to fight

Meanwhile, Scott Lang, who was trapped in the quantum realm while Hank, Hope and the others disappeared, found a way out through emergency fail-safes Hank had programmed.

The fail-safes had never been used before, but from previous fiascos, Hank had to build them. And they worked.

While Thanos and Captain Marvel fought, Scott reached out to Cap.

The Captain Marvel fight did not last long. It was clear at the very start she stood no chance.

Thanos was just too powerful. But what choice did they have?

Sensing her defeat, Captain Marvel returned to headquarters. Thanos could have ended it, but chose not to. After all, with no threat to his power, why bother? It'd be more fun to keep her around

It's not like Ironman or Cap would be able to fight Thanos.

They did have on thing on their side, however. The element of surprise.

Thanos would not be expecting to meet Antman nor expect any real threats given his power

Perhaps that could be used to defeat him

So the Avengers devised a plan to try to defeat Thanos

A plan that would allow both Antman and Captain Marvel to shrink.

Captain America made the call to Thanos to bring him back.

Thanos arrived. Curious. "This better be good"

"We're prepared to surrender", Cap said. "We can't beat you and figure it'd be better to work with you"

"Sensible", Thanos responded.

"Come with me, we have some blueprints to show you", Cap signaled and Thanos followed. They sat in a room at HQ.

Suddenly, Captain Marvel appears by unshrinking and hits Thanos square in the face with a full blast.

Scott appears as well on the other side of the room behind some machines. Captain Marvel's hit strapped a sub-atomic generator to Thanos's chest.

With the hit of a button, Thanos was sent to the quantum world.

Captain Marvel punched the machine to destroy it, trapping Thanos into the quantum world.

And thus the world was saved!!! Or was it.....

To be continued.

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