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Drunk Wedding Punch

Drunk Wedding Punch

October 31st, 2019

Jack and Lea had just gotten engaged.

They had different upbringings so they always would fight. Their neighbors had claimed they could hear the screams coming from the apartment at night.

They had been driving to Lea’s parents house one night when Jack lost control of the car and it slide into Lake Michigan.

Both parents received a call that night from the police that the two had passed away at the hospital.

News went out that the two had passed and it devastated everyone who had knew the couple. Halloween night 10/31

A few months later Lea’s dad was at the edge of the bed praying that he could walk his little girl down the aisle one last time.

The prayer was picked up and the dad’s wish would be entertained.

The two would be granted 31 days back together and on Halloween night Lea’s dad would get his wish.

October 1st, 2020

The two woke up in the submerged car. Jack had to move fast to get Lea out of her seat. The entire car was now under water. He was able to push the door open and the two reached the surface.

To be continued....

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