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A Shakespearian Sonnet about your typical boy next door

Home Is Not A Place

Your mom brings us PB & J's (no crust!) as we watch Pokémon til’ the night’s end. “Secrets r spos’t 2 b secret… I’ll trust u, but only cuz ur my bestest friend!”

We’re teenagers; you learn to play guitar. On repeat you jam to Queen, Rolling Stones. I think I know all the lyrics so far. But still you show me more through shared earphones.

August: I’m half asleep, laid in your bed. You strum unplugged pop songs on acoustic. Eyes closed, awake, I hear the words you said. - And all at once, my thoughts begin to click.

Now, as I sit, think back, and write this poem, mem’ries remind me of this: he is home.

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