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❝ You're my star❞, he said closing the gap between us.❝Together we shine the brightest.❞
Jeon Jungkook, an aspiring singer, meets Moonbyul. Well, she isn't any ordinary girl, she is the princess of the moon. When all things seem to go right, there is something that will tear them apart. What has fate planned for them?


There was coldness in the air. People on the moon were having a nice time sitting outside their houses and chattering away while sitting around the bonfire, sipping coffee.

But in the palace, it was a whole different scenario.

''Father didn't I tell you that I'm not getting married!, Moonbyul said the thousandth time. ''why can't you listen to me? I am capable of handling the kingdom on my own.''

''I have no doubts in your capabilities, my dear, but we cannot overlook our traditions. The daughter of the moon has to marry someone, and you know that very well.

'', her father, who was the king, replied, with an indisputable tone.

''So you mean I have to marry someone against my will just because it is a freaking tradition? because our ancestors thought that girls were weak and could not handle a kingdom?

because you believe them? father please, try to understand I can handle the kingdom on my own. I am capable.

'', moonbyul pleaded while trying to prove her point so that her father could stop searching for suitors.

''moonbyul I've had enough of your complaints. I'm afraid I cannot break the tradition and that's my final word.'', the king replied firmly or rather sternly.

moonbyul looked at her father's face. he was not angry but he looked disappointed.

she wanted to protest, she wanted to scream her lungs out that she would not get married at any cost but she knew all would go in vain. she knew her father, and he said something he meant it.

she felt her tear starting to forming her eyes, flowing out rapidly on her cheeks, ultimately hitting the cold floor. she covered her face and ran inside her room.

people may think her life was perfect, having all the luxuries, eating the tastiest foods every day. but the best things came with a price and that cost was her marriage.

Her father wanted to find someone perfect for her she though she was completely against the idea.

in her father's royal court was going on something that she never would expect would have such a massive effect on her life.

''your majesty, a messenger has come. he carries a message from the king of venus.'', a courtier announced.

''Call him in.''

''king of the moon. I declare war. it will be scheduled for the next full moon night. show me your bravery or I shall consider you as a coward.

if you ignore this message then I will be ready to take over your kingdom. whoever wins the war will get their kingdom back and will win the defeated person's kingdom too.

let's see how well you prepare.', the messenger readout.

the king was boiling with anger, but the first thing he did was to call moonbyul from her room.

as soon as the princess arrived, he said,'' moonbyul dear I'm sorry for what I am going to do next but it is the only thing I can do to keep you safe.''

moonbyul frowned,'' what father?''

''I'm sending you to earth.'', her father grimly replied.

''no! why must you do this?'', she exclaimed in horror, not knowing anything that was going.

''the king of venus has declared a war on us and it is scheduled for the next full moon night which is the day after tomorrow. I want to keep you safe dear, please go to earth.''

''but father I can help you fight them. you are aware that I'm good at archery. it will seem like I'm a coward for I'm running away to earth. please let me stay I will fight till my last breath.


''I'm sorry dear I cannot afford to take the risk. what if I lose you?''

''See this is exactly what annoys me. you don't think I'm capable of handling the situation, don't you? you will never let me prove myself to you.'', moonbyul argued.

''moonbyul I know you are capable of handling the situation but venus is just too strong. please forgive me I need to, I just need to.''

then he took out his ring and drew three circles with it in the air. there opened a doorway to earth.

''step in and be safe.'', he said.

''but father my clothes and my belongings?'', she asked.

''here they are, your highness'', a servant replied.'' everything you will ever need on earth will be inside this bag.''

before entering the unknown world she kissed her father's cheek and said,'' call me whenever you need me. I'll be there.''

moonbyul did not realize this was the very last normal day she would ever live on the moon again.everything would change.

and she entered the door only to live what would change her life forever.

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