On Any Given Sunday
On Any Given Sunday my pathetic boyfriend stories
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jentules The worst man can get
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Playing tennis with my boyfriend

On Any Given Sunday

I judge my boyfriend on the other side of the tennis court

I return his serve easily

The ball sails over the net

Towards where my boyfriend isn't

I watch him run across the court, like a spastic, to try and get it

His pale, twiglet-thin legs stick out of his hideously crisp white shorts

That his mother ironed for him

A pained, pathetic look on his wretched, putrid face

As he reaches in vain

With his stick-thin puny arms and bony wrists

Barely able to hold the tennis racket upright

As he completely misses the ball

As he does everything in life

From the effort

The noise he makes

Is fearful and weirdly inhuman

It just spills right out of him

The kind of sound a deformed, mutated sea otter would make

As it realizes

Yet again

That it's failed to catch the very thing it needs to survive

And will most definitely die from becoming prey itself

My boyfriend

I judge him

Without mercy

On the other side of the court

And he doesn't even realise

That is the real reason I insist we play tennis together

On Any Given Sunday

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