He is Gone Forever.
He is Gone Forever. relationship stories

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You went on a couple of dates with him. You fell in love.

He is Gone Forever.

You went on a couple of dates with him.

You fell in love.

He is good-looking, cute and most importantly, he makes you smile.

Your heart flutters every time you see him.

No one has been able to make you feel like that before.

Except him.

For once, you finally thought that you've found "The One".

Things have been going great for some time.

You thought it will eventually lead to something serious.

But all of a sudden, he disappeared.

He was gone for several days. No text, no calls.

You were worried.

You tried reaching him but to no avail.

He came back after a few days.

Telling you that he has something to tell you.

Your heart raced.

Hoping that this is not another breakup.

He told you that you deserve someone better.

Tears rolling down your cheeks.

The day you feared the most has arrived.

He left. Without telling you the real reason.

You're hurt.

Wondering what you did wrong.

You wished that he would come to his senses and eventually comes back to you.

But he didn't. He's gone. Forever.

You try to find a million reasons to forgive him.

You try to move on.

But memories keep coming back.

It was hard.

You lose all hope.

You thought that you will never find a guy that you'll love that much anymore.

Until one day...

You met with a guy. In the most unexpected time.

This guy wasn't the typical guy that you would date.

But he was sweet and caring.

You gave him a chance at love.

Although you have no clue if this will even work out.

Weeks after dating him, you realized something.

You realized that he is exactly the man you've been waiting for.

He always does what he promised.

He is always emotionally available for you.

He never gives up when things get tough.

He never thought of playing with your feelings.

In fact, he is a completely different person compared to the man you once dated.

In him, you found a sense of security.

You found love.

You're glad that the previous relationship actually doesn't work out.

Or else, you wouldn't have been dating him now.

It turns out that the heartbreak that you went through is a blessing in disguise.

Because it led you to him!

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