Poison forgiveness stories

jennypvr Finding myself through the chaos
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Poisoned love.


You took my love and poisoned it. Love and light now grudge and hate.

I’m growing impatient; how slowly I heal. I beat myself up for how broken I feel.

It’s been so long now, and I can’t seem to mend... I’m walking trauma and cry when I hear “she’s just a friend.”

I say you’re forgiven. You’ve played your cards right ever since... Everything should be fine by now, but who am I trying to convince?

You’re sorry and I know it but you poisoned me so well... And I love you but it’s not the same, it’s so easy to tell.

So if you want to go just go. Or stay if should wish, I see you handle it so well when remembering turns me into raging bitch.

You think you deserve hell for it, you know you poisoned love. But I don’t think the poisoned love I can give now is nearly good enough.

I love you, I forgive you now, I know we’ll slowly heal for sure. One day this poisoned love will be holy, good, and pure.

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