He cannot reach me here
He cannot reach me here button poetry stories

jennyfallonlove Community member
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Self care and escaping an abusive love. hidden second poem!

He cannot reach me here

words are where, I Lay Bare. where my Pain goes to live on the page, when the feeling, Wraps Itself Around my Throat, Leaves me Gasping for Air.

its where i can feel Safe in the orderliness of times new roman font. black and white. crisp indents. neat and tidy punctuation marks.

it’s a place where No One Can Make Me Feel Unsafe. No breasts to grab. No ass to shake.

he cannot reach me here. words cannot Grab my Face. a misplaced comma cannot Pin me To The Wall. i can tell them things. I KNOW YOU HEAR.

the page isn't Calculating if I AM SINCERE. font won’t Catalog Evidence to paint my picture. letters do not wonder how i arrived.

a blank screen knows that a story can happen Unprovoked.

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