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jennycameronCommunity member
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Hi! My name is Jenny! And this is anything you could possibly want to know about me!

About Me

I'm a fourth year university student doing a double major

I'm taking English and Classical Studies (Classical Studies is a fancy way of saying Ancient History which focusses on the Greeks and Romans ^.^)

Some basic facts about me:

I am 21 years old at the moment. I am a woman. I speak English, extremely limited Spanish and German, and I know a few basic signs in ASL. I am a Taurus, and my Myers-Briggs thing is ENFP.

I have an intense love for all things Disney

If you're wondering, my favourite princesses include Mulan, Pocahontas, Elsa, Merida, Rapunzel, Belle, Megara, Esmeralda, Kida, Jasmine, Tiana, & Nani (not a princess but still awesome anyways).

I also love anime

I especially like Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fairy Tail, and Ouran Highschool Host Club, amongst others ^.^

Water is my favourite element

I love to swim, be near the water...being in the water is where I'm at my happiest. I would live in the ocean if I could ^.^

I love travelling

Whether that means walking through the city, taking a hike in the mountains, or travelling the world - I'm game. I'd love to see the entire world someday ^.^

My favourite animal is the wolf

I also really love hawks and eagles, as well as spirit bears, panda bears, killer whales, and arctic foxes.

I love food

My favourite food is mangoes, but I really love pizza, pasta, butter chicken, naan bread, ramen, and ice cream. I love all things sweet ^.^

I love superheroes

My favourite is Deadpool, but I also really love Captain America, the Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, and all the X-Men. I'm mostly into Marvel, but I like Arrow and Black Canary too.

On that note, I also watch a lot of movies

I've seen over 800 and I don't think I'm gonna bother trying to count at this point. My favourite movie is The Breakfast Club (if you're wondering, I relate the most to Bender).

I'm also really into tv shows

Don't ask me for my full list, the amount of shows I watch has gotten too much for even me to keep up with

I love music

I listen to every type of music except for screamo. I also know how to play the piano, how to badly play the guitar, and how to sing.

I am a feminist

"Feminism, by definition, is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. It is the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes." ~Emma Watson

And just in case you're wondering...

I am pro-choice, pro-LGTBQA+, and I'm highly against racist people, sexist people, and basically all ignorant and intolerant people. I also hate Nazis, the KKK, and Daesh.

Any questions?

I hope that answers anything you want to know about me! But feel free to leave questions in the comment section!

Thanks for stopping by!

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