About Final Exams

jennycameronCommunity member
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Inspiration for finals ^.^

About Final Exams

You're going to be stressed out

You probably won't get much sleep

You might eat too much

Or you might eat too little

You might want to party with your friends

You might even get wasted

But don't sweat it too much

You've got this

Just keep your eyes set on your goal

Study hard even when it's tough

And you can earn the grade you want!

(even if that grade happens to be a C ^.^)

Believe in yourself and you can do anything

So go out there and live your dreams! ^.^

No matter what those dreams are.

Thanks for stopping by!

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sallyBronze CommaSassy Sally
a year agoReply
Finals are my least favorite time of the year

a year agoReply
I finished my finals for this year ^.^ But hopefully this will help keep me inspired for next year! I normally have five finals per semester, each final is three hours long, and depending on the subject can compose of up to three essays. Thanks for the comments!

a year agoReply
how many finals do u have :( qq

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
a year agoReply
when are you finals???? good luckkkk