The River
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jennwrites Community member
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I wrote this for my nana, who I’m very close to and she recently passed.
Monica Rest In Peace 03/04/2020

The River

The river flows it keeps moving it overcomes anything in its way

It gives to others Thats what you are like A river

Pure Strong Beautiful Giving

And you kept going To the very end You overcame many things

You gave life to many beautiful people And you gave love and care In my eyes you were everything

A pure soul With a big heart

You knew me in a way that others didn't As if you had some sort of 6th sense You comforted me without saying words You are a chain that connected us all

And just like the river you will keep going Keep flowing through us all Looking out for us

Even if its unseen and unheard You will be there

The river flows on past the banks From where I'm standing I see you on your way It's nearly time for you to move past this life

And that's okay You will be safe Away from pain

A parent, A wife, A friend, A grandparent, A beautiful angel. Monica 03/04/2020 -JR

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