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Feeling broken The shards are sharp


Feeling broken

The shards are sharp

One blow and it won't be hard To break me

Heart feeling empty Head heavy

No love to consume myself

Endure the darkness Unsure how to continue

Hands shaking Like waves they keep coming

Feeling broken

I must keep going

For grief has me at it's hands

At moments I am impervious

Then grief sneaks up with surprise again

Reminding me how hollow loss is

Feeling broken

Encounters of emotions Like pins in every part Of my heart And my soul

My lungs feeling lost with simple pants of anxiety Until I catch my breath but it keeps running

Eyes filling, overflowing The tear drops have much to say As they pass on their way, each with another to follow

For grief is like a tunnel The strong breeze proceeds to punch me back

It's dull and empty I see that light shimmering at the end

Dense dragging legs like walking through water

A million feelings of chains weighing me down

Feeling broken

Until the day I catch my breath

Until the day my tears can speak

Until that day

Feeling Broken

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