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The dots connected and so did I
In those eyes
Not just reflecting what I saw

Eyes to Eyes

The dots connected and so did I

In those eyes Not just reflecting what I saw

For it was an experience beyond the times This moment I held Consuming importance

It was destroyed, that soul They illustrated the pain

Pain you try to ignore But beyond the sadness was this thing to something my soul has attached

It reached for me and I extended, in containment it unlatched

The one concealed from whom is lost And whom the line of consciousness does not cross

I hold it too, the beautiful distraught soul Found in tenebrosity and brightened on release

In those eyes Captured the trees, the sky, the moon, the stars, the universe and me

Revealing a connection felt never before

Eyes to eyes, soul to soul I feel you there more and more

For you I crave without the thought It is through a wave of deepness and enlightenment

A shared perception conversed with no words A desire with no compare

I'd give you me with you in return There will be no regrets but lessons to learn

Processing each other in this world but in another we've been connected all this time it's been there

Standing in divine timing as the moment ascends The euphoric feeling gives me what words can't comprehend

The beholder of these eyes is someone I see through The soul peaks at me every time

From the smile of your being And that look in your eyes


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