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~Jezebel is a solitary women with a lonely past. Running a house cleaning business in a small new England coastal town. When a new client comes into her life, she is inexplicably drawn to him. When he offers her a proposal, she accepts and is drawn into his seductive secret world. One of pleasure and deep emotion that alters the course of her life forever.~


Chapter 1 November had crept its way into my office. My feet were propped up on the baseboards, as I attempted to fight off the chill that wrapped itself around me tightly. The sound of the waves in the distance pulled at me like a soothing reminiscence. It was moments like this that I felt a deep sense of serenity in the stillness that sat with me like an old friend, one that knew me so well. My revere was suddenly interrupted by a harsh ring. I sifted through the papers that lay out in a scattered mess amongst my desk and found my phone. “Hello, Jezebel’s cleaning” there was a long silent pause on the other end. "Are you Jezebel?" "Why yes, I am. How may I help you”? I tapped my pen rhythmically against the faded grain of the desk as I glanced out the window and found the midafternoon view of the ocean engulfed in mist. This week’s shift sheet spread out before me. "I am looking for some house cleaning" "Ok, what type of service are you looking for? We have deep cleaning, a move in ready package and then your general weekly maintenance." "I don’t know…." There was something in the infiltrating richness of his voice on the phone that drew me in. "Ok, that's fine. What I will do is appraise the scope of work needed and then draw up a price bid for you. I can swing by your place and take a look. I do happen to have this afternoon available?" "Great I will be here, I am the big red house up on the bluff, you can’t miss it…I look forward to seeing you Jezebel." There was a sudden click and then the line went dead. As far as I knew, the mysterious old red colonial house that lay atop the bluff, had been boarded up and unoccupied for the last hundred years, if not more. According to local lore, nobody knew who owned it but every decade or so, workers would arrive and restore the place. I had always found it beautiful standing there, filled with secrets like some silent empty beacon that overlooked the water. I drove slowly out to the edge of town, where the cliffs met with the sea. The sky was a slate grey against the stormy ocean. Icy fog snuck its way along the rocks that sharply jutted out to the sea. As I pulled into the narrow winding driveway, I suddenly felt my pulse quicken. I could see a tall man with thick jet-black hair, hands in the pockets of a dark suit. He stood there on the wide wrap-around porch that looked out to the water in all directions. From where I sat in my car, engine idling, I could take in his profile. He looked to be in his early 40s, his face rugged but at the same time, ethereally handsome. I stepped out of my car, feeling the wind pull at my clothes. He turned toward me, eyes locking with mine from above. I shot a friendly wave at him, calling above the roar of the surf. "Hi, I'm Jezebel" He nodded, then disappeared into the house. Suddenly the front door opened wide and he was beside me. "August, nice to meet you." He held out his hand and I took it in mine. His grip was firm and engulfed my fingers in its warmth. I felt a current pass through me as our skin touched, something faint that stirred deep within and when I looked into his eyes, I found them to be a deep blue grey, like the ocean. "Welcome Jezebel, please come in." I followed him into the house, it was dark inside. Thick curtains covered up the large windows which framed the walls. "Do you need the light?" He stepped past me and began to draw the curtains open without waiting for my answer. The room flooded with a pale misty grey light. I took in the panoramic view stretched out before me. "Wow, this place is so beautiful! I've never been able to understand why it has been empty for so long. Did you just buy this place?" "No" "Oh, renting then?" "No" He just stood there and silently watched me with an intensity I found unnerving. Not offering me any more information I began to scan the room. Furniture was covered up by thick canvas cloth. A grand piano sat in the corner. Antique pictures lined the walls, embossed in gold designs. I stepped up closer to them, they were faded black and white photographs from what looked like the 19th century. "This isn’t a museum exhibit." His voice was brusque from behind me, breath close enough to move the delicate hairs on my neck. I felt a rush as I turned around to find his gaze on me, inches from my face, he smelled like earth and pine...like the forest. His eyes had turned a bluish black in the muted light. “Oh I’m sorry.” I felt heat come to my cheeks as his gaze soundlessly penetrated me, “These are really very intriguing. Do you know if the previous owner was a collector?” “No.” He turned from me and walked towards the kitchen “Please come with me…I will show you the rest of the place.” “Yes, thank you” I followed this man through the kitchen and past the dining area and then up the long wooden stairs that led to the second floor. A thought came to me…that perhaps I was being stupid right now. This man was a bit dark and obscure and had all the implications of being potentially dangerous. But yet I felt no danger as I followed him up the stairs, in fact I felt a sense of safety and a deep intrigue. We came to a large room which were lined with floor to ceiling windows. A sliding glass door led out to the porch I had seen him on when I had pulled my car up the driveway. A large ornate four poster bed stood at attention against the far wall. It looked very inviting and I felt an unexpected longing to lay down upon it as a sudden sharp and lucid image came over me…one of my arms being pinned passionately above my head and against the thick covers by this strange and silent man standing next to me. I felt a shiver run through my body as I frantically dispelled the thought as quickly as it had come. He looked at me with a sudden amused expression upon his face, as if he could read my thoughts. I cleared my throat nervously as I felt tiny beads of sweat begin to trickle down my chest. Quickly I slipped on my professional business persona as I glanced around the room, calculating space and cost formulas in my head while trying not to notice his steady and persistent gaze on me. “So…It looks to me that you will be needing a move in restoration followed by a weekly upkeep as well? Depending on your living arrangements of course.” “That won’t be necessary.” I turned to him; he was a shadow against the glare of the overcast ocean. “What won’t be?” “The move in. Just a weekly upkeep will be fine Jezebel.” He said my name with such concentrated intimacy that it caused a gentle flutter deep inside of me. It was as if he was speaking to someone he had known for a long time. “Ok, then I will make out a work order and have one of my cleaners start next week.” “I would like you to be the one to come every week.” "well, I generally do more of the bids and accounting these days." "I will pay double." A part of me was trying to find a way out of this while another part was strangely intrigued. There was something about him. He was intense but with a softness and a depth that I found incredibly alluring. And to be honest, I could use the extra money. Business was always slow in the winter after the crush of vacationers fled back to the city, it left a sleepy hush that settled over the town and I found myself saying ok. “Good.” he nodded and slipped himself past me, heading silently back down the stairs. A cold wind mixed with salty spray slapped against my face as I made my way to my car as August followed close behind. Dark ominous clouds outlined the horizon and I could feel the sea grow angry around us. August’s face was tense but composed as he watched me fumble around for my keys in my purse. I looked up at him, flustered by the intensity of his unwavering gaze. “can I ask you something…Why do you want me for this job?” His face then grew soft and I noticed his eyes were a grey blue again, as if they were able to shift with his mood. I could feel goosebumps tingle along my skin and I shivered against the eager wind. “My wife” He sought out the ocean as he spoke, his voice full of emotion. “Her name was Jezebel” “Oh…. I’m so sorry for your loss” He shook his head and turned to me again, he leaned in so close that strands of his dark hair touched my face like a soft caress. “There is something I find myself quite drawn to in you Jezebel, there is an openness and a receptivity about you and I feel that you can be trusted.” His candid words seized my breath for a moment and my voice wavered in reply. “Yes… I like to believe that I can.” “Good, will next Monday at 8pm work for you?” “Oh I’m sorry but any time after 6pm would be outside business hours for me.” “Will it be possible for you to make alternative arrangements Jezebel? My schedule unfortunately requires it at this time.” “I suppose I can make accommodations, August” “I would greatly appreciate that.” He stood and watched me as I got into my car, the wind danced wildly against his clothes. I went to pull the car into reverse and when I looked back out the window, he was gone.

Chapter 2 Monday night found me driving in the dark, up the steep driveway to the red house. I Parked the car and made my way to the door with my arms full of supplies. A few illuminated lights shown through the windows and before I had a chance to knock, I heard him speak to me from inside. “Please come in Jezebel.” I turned the handle and stepped into the shadowy warmth of the house. I called out tentatively from the hallway. “Hello?…August?” I made out his form, which stood at the window of the living room. The curtains were open to let the moonlight in as a bluish light engulfed the room. Through the glass I could see the waves dancing against the silky shimmer of the moon’s reflection. August did not turn to me. And a silence hung thick in the air only punctuated by the rhythmic tick of a clock somewhere within the house. “I’m going to need a bit more light here if you want me to do a good job.” I squinted as the house became abruptly illuminated and August stood there, next to me. “Is that better?” His regarded me with a friendly smile “I apologize, I enjoy the view unobscured by lights” I smiled up at him as my eyes adjusted to the sudden brightness. “Not a problem.” He had on a deep blue suit this time, one that hugged the definitions of his body and I found myself with an overwhelming urge to run my hands along his chest. He watched me quietly, a playful flicker in his eye as I felt a blush creep across my face. “Make yourself at home Jezebel, I will be upstairs.” I nodded and moved to retrieve my cleaning supplies I had left near the door. When I looked back up he was no longer beside me. Like some stealthy cat he had retreated soundlessly. I could hear his footsteps softly upstairs. I spent the next hour removing the thick dust from the living room. All the canvas cloths had been removed from the furniture. Judging from the photos on the walls, I had expected the furniture and décor to be antique as well. I liked the idea that this house had stood untouched. With its secrets frozen in time. But everything was surprisingly modern. Only the large grand piano that loomed in the corner whispered of times long ago. I went up to it and ran my cloth over its smooth black surface as my fingers rested on the ivory keys. I pressed down softly on one and a single mournful tone resonated throughout the room. “That is Abigail.” I was beginning to grow accustomed to August’s stealthy feline like entrances as I turned around to find him standing there with his hands clasped in a graceful sweep behind his back that reminded me of an old painting. “You named your piano?” He nodded with a warmth that played in his eyes. “So I take it you play then?” He moved past me and sat down on the bench. The music that flowed from his fingers was slow and haunting and it filled me with a longing and a sadness that abruptly made my heart ache. I felt something warm trickle down my cheek and was surprised to find that I was crying, so entranced I was by his music which rendered me frozen with his achingly beautiful melody. As he finished I realized I had been holding my breath. I let it out in one long slow sigh. “Wow…that was so incredibly beautiful.” August looked up at me and noticing my tears he reached out to wipe one away with his fingertip. His touch though momentary, sent an unexpected jolt of pleasure through me. “You are crying.” “Yes…I do that when something moves me.” He fixed me with a gaze which was soft and filled with sincerity. “Well I am deeply honored to have moved you Jezebel.” “Did you compose that yourself?” August stood up, nodding to me before he strode into the kitchen. Leaving me alone for a moment reeling from the emotion his piece had evoked within me. Then I felt him from behind as he slipped a cool glass of water into my hand. I took it gratefully, feeling the liquid pool in my belly, quenching my dry throat. “It takes a certain type of person Jezebel….to be able to really listen and feel the story behind the music.” His breath was like a warm whisper against my neck. The proximity of him quickened my pulse and filled me with heat, “Thank you for listening.” I turned towards him, his eyes seemed to swirl in a pallet of blue tones and I could feel myself sink into his depths, my breath was caught in my throat. There was a sorrow and a wildness about him that drew me in like a moth to the consuming danger of a flame. Who was this man? I was overcome with such a deep longing to pry inside and uncover what lay below. He withdrew from my side and I watched him retreat up the stairs. The space he left behind felt abruptly empty. “Thank you for sharing it with me,” I spoke in a trembling voice to an empty room. I managed to retrieve my senses as I finished cleaning the living room and quickly moved my way into the kitchen. The evening had gathered itself and it was growing late as I made my way up to the last room upstairs. I expected to find August but the room was quiet. I opened the large sliding glass door to let in the cool night air and I stepped out onto the deck. I felt the breeze ruffle my hair as I looked out into the night, perplexed as to where he had slipped off to when I saw him standing below me on the cliffs overlooking the sea. He looked so beautiful that I ached to go to him, to wrap my arms around his strong back. What was his story? If his music was any indication, it was one full of beauty and pain. I stepped back into the house and went to close the door behind me and when I turned back around he had disappeared. August emerged in the hallway as I had finished up and began to gather my supplies together, “let me help you with that.” He carried my bag out to the car and I followed behind him. As I loaded up, he held out an envelope to me, “Your payment.” His hand lingered briefly on mine, eliciting a small electrical current. “I hope to see you next week” His tone was intense and somber to which I replied with a cheerful lilt. “That was the arrangement, once a week right?” “We shall see… Jezebel” A bit puzzled by this remark, I shot him a wave and watched him fade into the darkness as I started my car and drove down the dark road towards home. It wasn’t until the next morning. While I sat at my table with a cup of coffee and the week’s balance sheets in front of me that I opened his envelope. Inside I found a large check and a folded note. I opened it and read the flowing cursive script, {Falicitas interminabilis; cupio te tangere.} It appeared to be in Latin? I quickly did a search on my phone and typed in the words for translation. My heart skipped a beat, it was in Latin and it translated as. {I long to touch you.} All week long I pondered August’s seductive message. What was it that he wanted from me? Was this some sort of test? Is that what his comment “we shall see” had meant? If I returned, I would be implying consent for him to touch me. It would be an invitation to open a door not knowing what lay beyond it. But the idea of his hands on me filled me with such an aching desire, I was not sure I would have the fortitude to deny… But what then? He was a paying client, was I to be his whore? A perverse thrill ran through me, the question looming like a dark secret …did I want to be? Monday night I found myself uncertain as I paced around in my apartment. Should I do this? Should I go to him…this strange and beautiful, mysterious man. Was this even safe? But the idea of not going, filled me with such a yawning emptiness that I impulsively grabbed my keys and headed out the door into the dark chill of the evening. As I drove up to his house I mused over my past. It had been years since I had felt the touch of another, my lovers were like faded paper, their memories dull and lifeless, leaving no lasting impression upon my mind. After I moved to this tiny coastal town nestled against the sea I had thrown myself into my business with a ferocity, consumed with responsibility and reluctant to dive into yet another disappointment. I wondered at times if I was broken in a way that could not be repaired. If my past had grown thorns around me, enclosed in a thicket of self-preservation. But the thought of being touched by this man I knew nothing of, yet felt so intrinsically drawn to filled me with such an intense heat that I found myself baring down on the accelerator with a eagerness I found uncharacteristic of myself. When I pulled up to the driveway I saw him in the open doorway. He stood there as if he knew I would come. My heart beat like a frantic bird within the walls of my chest. What was I doing? My practical mind was nowhere to be found as I stepped out of my car, my shoes crunching on the gravel as I walked up to the house on unsteady legs. As I approached him his eyes took hold of mine, soft and full of a quiet fervor. “Jezebel…It is so nice to see you. I take it, you read my note,” “Yes... I read your note” My words came out breathless “Would you like to come in?” “Yes” I stepped towards him nervously. Now that I was here standing in his doorway under his spell, I was unsure of what to say…of what to do. My hands empty as they fumbled with the thin fabric of my coat, cleaning supplies still sitting inside my car. We both knew I was not here to clean tonight. I had come to offer up my body to him. And I found myself begin to tremble, not in fear but in excitement. In the intense overwhelming implications of this, as if there was no going back. “Jezebel…you’re shivering.” “I’m ok…” August removed his jacket and draped it over my shoulders, enveloping me in the sharp pine scent of him. The coat wrapped me up in the remnants of his warmth. “Are you sure? If you are at all uncomfortable being here right now Jezebel, just tell me.” I nodded my head trying to form the words which were sticky, like honey in my mouth, “Yes I am sure August” “Ok then…” He reached past me and shut the door quietly behind us. The sound of the ocean retreated as a tense supple silence filled the room. Then his hands were on my arms. He slid them up to my shoulders and grasped them tightly as he slowly pushed me back until I was up against the wall.

Chapter 3 August gently took my face in his hands; his fingers left a silky featherlight caress across my brow. He traced my cheekbones and slipped down to my neck, his palm cupped the tender point where my pulse lay, my racing heart thrummed against his touch and desire sprung from my core as he continued his exploration upon my skin, down past my neck and to the soft rise of my breasts. “Is this okay?” “Yes…don’t stop.” My voice quavered as his hand slid between the fabric of my shirt and bra. His thumb softly brushed against my flesh. A desperate moan escaped from me and I reached out to draw him closer. “Shhhh….” He pressed his finger to my lips, a look of provocation in his eyes as he spoke. While I stood there up against the wall with a deep ache that traveled through me. “But I want to feel you August.” “Not yet.” He bunched up the fabric of my clothes in his hands impatiently, his breath a silken whisper in my ear. “I find these garments incredibly confining…would you take them off for me?” I nodded, my legs growing weak as he took my hand and led me up the stairs and to the dark contours of his bed. “Take your clothes off and lay down.” His tone was gentle, but firm and I willingly complied as I shed my clothes slowly and left them beside me on the floor. He watched me as I lay myself out upon his bed, the sheets a cool satin upon my skin. I was breathing hard, so incredibly aroused as I lay there naked before him while his dark blue eyes slid over my body like a silent caress. His voice was a slow sigh in the dimly lit room. “So beautiful.” I felt him draw close to me, kneeling on the floor beside the bed. He slid his hands slowly up the thickness of my thighs. A sudden aching pleasure bloomed inside me and I drew in a sharp breath. I was shocked at how just the simplest of touch could elicit such an intense feeling from me. He continued his crawl up my body. He teased me with his featherlight brush over my folds before he drew up to my breasts with slow strokes. His hands engulfed the flesh and I arched upwards trying to pull myself closer to him my breath came out in a pant. “August… Oh my God, what are you doing to me?” How could this feel so good? His hands were like ecstasy, every touch sent ripples through me. I could feel myself begin to throb from deep within, my center growing wet and impatient. “Please….” I whimpered against the sheets as I clutched them between my fists, and as if he knew what I was asking of him, I felt his hands guide my legs apart and slowly stroke my swollen center. I cried out loudly. It was too much. I felt like I was going to burst and I arched against his hand desperately, trying to draw him deeper in. He slipped his fingers inside, sliding in and out in a circular motion. My body trembled with a blinding need and I could feel myself begin to slip into the depths. I was about to dive headfirst when suddenly he stopped, slipping his fingers out of me. “No…no…no, don’t stop.” I begged him softly. This was torture of a kind I had never felt before. Every part of my body he had touched burned with a throbbing heat. I felt him on the bed beside me as he gathered me up effortlessly into his arms. His fingers grazed my lips and then guided my mouth to his. I grasped at him frantically, diving into his mouth with a hunger like a starved animal. He slid his lips down to my neck, while his hands found my center again. I was so wet; I could hear his fingers slip inside of me. “August!” I cried out “Yes…Jezebel.” He breathed out upon my neck. His lips leaving long sensual trails, his teeth brushing against me. When I suddenly I felt a sharp prick, like the tip of a knife against my skin. It took all my strength to pull away from him as his fingers slipped out of me. Was this some sort of bizarre role play? Reeling and woozy from his touch I tried to gather myself together. “What was that August?” My question hung in the ethereal blue light of the room as I saw him. His eyes wild with lust and his teeth sharp like an animal. The loudest part of me that held all my fears wanted to instinctively recoil in horror. While another part, the one that neatly tends to a garden of logic to cautiously ward off potential hysteria insisted that this was all some strange erotic dream I was having. But then there was the fragment of myself, the one which was more carnal by nature, kept hidden and bound by society. The one that longed to explore the depths, to dance naked in the night and weep at the stars. This part of myself had stepped forward and was telling me that this was very real and that this was happening and that all the other aspects of myself had no place here in this room with this terrifyingly beautiful man where my reality had suddenly collided up against a world that did not exist to me until now. “Jezebel….do I frighten you?” “I don’t know…should I be frightened?” “No, I would never hurt you, I want you to understand that.” August moved to wrap a sheet around me, his eyes were sober again. “Is this really happening right now August? Were you really just about to….” “No Jezebel”, he shook his head, cutting me off before I could finish. “What you felt, was only a polite invitation. I would never embrace you, without your permission.” “Embrace me… Is that what you call it?” “Yes Jezebel. An embrace is an intimate consensual act between two people.” “Does it hurt?” August smiled at me “No….my embrace would only bring you extreme pleasure.” I could feel the embers of desire stirring deep within me again. His words like a sensual promise to finish what he started. “What happens afterwards?” August’s hand lightly brushed a strand of hair from my face, his fingers lingering on my cheek as he spoke. “You may feel a bit lightheaded at first and you will long to take a little nap. Though what I will take from you is no more then what you would give at a blood bank. Your body will easily replenish it.” I found myself aroused by his suggestive proposal. There was a sense of calmness I felt with him as if he were a port in the storm of my mind. “OK” I whispered. “Is that a yes Jezebel?” I nodded. In this moment my mind was abnormally still and all I had was an overwhelming urge to experience his embrace. “Are you sure?” “Yes, August”. His hands found my body again as he gently lay me down upon the bed. He caressed my face slowly and bent down to kiss the tender flesh of my breasts. His fingers coiled deep into the length of my hair. My heart began to beat in a rapid flutter whether in excitement or anticipation I could not tell. “If you want me to stop at any time…. just say so.” His voice was like a warm cover above me as he moved his mouth upwards, his lips suckled at my neck. My body quickly responded again to the ecstasy of his touch. Then I felt it once more, that pinprick upon my neck. He hovered there for a moment waiting for my permission. “Yes”, I breathed into the thick softness of his hair and I clutched my hands around his arms as he sank himself deep into me piercing the flesh. As he began to draw my blood an instantaneous climax washed over me like a wave, it pulled me under its intense grip and did not let go. Wave after wave fell upon me and there was no shore. Every pull of his mouth drew out another explosion inside of me. It was never ending and it was too much. I had forgotten how to breath. “Stop!” I gasped against him and he released me. I lay upon the bed as my hands clutched the sheets and waited for the last orgasm to subside within me. My body throbbed and rippled with a piercing pleasure I had never experienced before. As I slowly came back to myself, I could see him as he sat above me. He wore a look of composed satisfaction, his dark hair falling across his face as my breath came out in short pants “What…. was…that?” He smiled and bent down to press a soft lingering kiss upon my forehead. “I forget. The first time is always the most intense. Your body will adjust to me.” I reached my hand up to my neck to feel for the marks left by him, but there were none. August shot me a playful seductive wink. “A gentleman always cleans up his mess.” “But how?” “Regeneration.” “What do you mean August?” He sat down on the bed next to me and took my hand to find a small slice on my thumb, the one I had cut on a pair of scissors the other day at the office. He pressed his fingertips to it lightly and then let go, revealing smooth skin. I let out an astonished gasp. “You’re a healer.” “I am many things Jezebel.” “So, what are you…. A Vampire?” He shook his head, an amused smile played on his face. “The Vampire is just a made-up story, embellished from centuries of fear and false propaganda. I call myself ‘De Sanguine’ of sacred blood” My head spun. it was all so surreal. But at the same time I found myself buzzing with an overwhelmed sense of excitement. As if I had stumbled upon some beautiful elusive truth hidden from me until now. “So, all the stories about daylight and stakes through the heart?” He chuckled and spread the bed sheet over me, tenderly wrapping it around my still trembling body. “Nonsense… though I do prefer the night, it's much more peaceful.” “Do you need blood to survive?” “To thrive and stay healthy, yes…Though only about once a week or so.” “And why is that?” August ran his warm finger down my arm. His voice a hushed whisper against the darkness of the room. “We are the ancient manifestation of a deep primal life Force, one everyone holds within them, best accessed through tantric energy. Without this force, we would not exist.” “So, what happens when you don't have access to it?” August put his fingers softly to my lips. “Hush… that's enough questions for now. You should rest, I will be back soon.” I nodded, already feeling my eyelids began to close, as I fell into a thick oblivion of sleep. I awoke to a blurred confusion and it took me a moment to remember where I was. I was with August, in his bed. I heard footsteps come up the stairs and across the room, his weight shifted against the mattress as he came to sit down beside me. “How do you feel?” I stretched as my body felt every muscle hum deep within. “Very relaxed actually.” “Good” He placed an envelope beside me. “What is this?” “Your payment.” “But I didn't clean August.” I smiled up at him seductively. “No, you didn’t…. but you provided me with a service. One in which I intend to compensate you for.” “What if I don't want to take the money?” “I would prefer it if you did Jezebel” “I'm to be your whore then?” “It is not like that. There will be no sex between us.” “And why not?” Even though he had given me more ecstasy than any other man I had ever been with. I wanted more from him. He had remained fully clothed the entire time with me and I desperately wanted his skin against mine. To know what it felt like to have him deep within me. ‘’It is best if we do not confuse things Jezebel. I desire a service from you, if you agree to it, I will pay you adequately.” I felt a little stung by this. He had taken an extremely intimate sensual experience and turned it into a business transaction. “But what if I want more from you?” August shook his head. “That is not part of this agreement.” I felt deflated. Here I was thinking he had chosen me out of a desire, not as a mere necessity. “So, you felt nothing more with me?” “I felt many things with you Jezebel. You are an incredibly beautiful woman, with a very intense life essence inside of you. I believe that is what drew me to you. You possess an innate ability to connect to energy on a deeper level. “I do?” He looked at me tenderly, those beautiful haunting eyes spilled into mine. “Does that surprise you?” His hand reached up to delicately cup my face. “Who you think you are… up here, in your mind. Is just a tiny fragment of the depths hidden within.” My heart fluttered from his touch and his slow seductive words as I pulled him closer to me. He hovered above me, his lips tantalizingly close but then drew away. “It’s getting late…you should go get dressed. I will meet you downstairs.” I met him in the hallway. The envelope clutched tentatively in my hand. August looked somber as he spoke. “Think about what we discussed Jezebel…l if you want to continue, I will be waiting for you…same time, next week.” He moved to open the door for me and I felt a rush of cool air hit my face. “OK. I will think about it…” But I already knew before the words left my mouth, that I would come back to him.

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