Of Orcs and Elves: Prelude pt1
Of Orcs and Elves: Prelude pt1 oc stories

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The great elven city of Silvermoon, has fallen. In the midst of the chaos, destiny begins to weave its thread through the souls of two characters on opposite sides. Their meeting is not a happy one, but they will need each other to survive. The threads of fate and time have been woven. Their choices could spell the end of Azeroth, or its hope.

This is part of the "Of Orcs and Elves: Prelude" to my World of Warcraft fan fiction. I do not own the World of Warcraft. These are original characters in the game world, and credit for all mentions of World of Warcraft and its products and characters goes to Blizzard.

Hope you enjoy.

Of Orcs and Elves: Prelude pt1

A cold bitter wind blew across the city. Ice crystals slowly formed along the edges of the inn’s windows. The temperature slowly dropped, as the threat approached.

A young acolyte sat in her pristine white robes at a nearby table as an older woman stood in more elegant robes, speaking to a finely dressed knight.

There was laughter from a group of youngsters playing at another table, but the young elf shivered at the touch of cold. She slowly watched the ice creeping along the window.

Something was wrong it was colder than ever before.

“Lady Alur….” the young elf spoke, only to get a look that cut her off.

“Do not interrupt, my dear Ky’lana” the older woman spoke gently then turned back to speak softly to the knight.

Ky’lana sighed and turned back to the window, her staff leaning against the the table. She hadn’t be allowed to go outside the gates and get herbs since the undead had started this siege.

But they had been told the humans were on their way to offer aid. So they didn’t need to worry long. The insidious cold continue to creep its way further into the inn and into her thoughts.

The children stopping their game as it began to affect them. The laughter turning into whispers hushed by the growing sense of dread.

A loud boom, much like an explosion shook the walls of the inn. Screams from the children echoing. Ky’lana grabbed her staff as the older woman recovered from her look of shock.

The knight was quicker, running out the door, as more screams from outside could be heard. Alarms were sounding through the city.

“Ky’lana, get..” the older woman was interrupted by another loud explosion like sound. The inn shook again. The kids were screaming as the knight returned. He looked about and shouted orders.

“Barricade the doors, they are trying to breach the walls.…” the knight’s deep voice rang out, silencing everyone for but a moment.

“Ky’lana, stay here and protect the children."

The older woman clutched her staff and began to rush towards the door as the people here began to grab the heavy furniture and move it towards the door.

“W-where are y-you going?” Ky’lana asked as she trembled like the children that had begun to huddle in the corner.

“The knights will need me, young one. You are needed here. Keep them and yourself safe. Remember your training.” she responded and then disappeared out the door.

The knight closed the door as he followed behind her. Ky’lana gulped as she gripped the staff and looked towards the children.

Slowly she moved towards them and knelt down trying to smile and offer them some comfort.

“Do n-not worry, Never has Silvermoon fallen. W-w will be safe r-right?” Ky’lana didn’t know if she was trying to convince them or herself.

Then she heard another crash as the building shook again.

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