Of Orcs and Elves: Prelude pt 6
Of Orcs and Elves: Prelude pt 6 blood elf stories

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The great elven city of Silvermoon, has fallen. In the midst of the chaos, destiny begins to weave its thread through the souls of two characters on opposite sides. Their meeting is not a happy one, but they will need each other to survive. The threads of fate and time have been woven. Their choices could spell the end of Azeroth, or its hope.

This is part of the "Of Orcs and Elves: Prelude" to my World of Warcraft fan fiction. I do not own the World of Warcraft. These are original characters in the game world, and credit for all mentions of World of Warcraft and its products and characters goes to Blizzard.

Hope you enjoy.

Of Orcs and Elves: Prelude pt 6

The death knight made it up to the rooftop easily. His toned muscles under the heavy plate he wore were built for physical acts of prowess unlike his soft prey.

He watched the priestess and the elflings scurry along in front him as he slowly stalked across the tiles. His eyes like fire, as he chuckled to himself.

In a harsh, raspy voice he softly called, "Run run, little elf. Your fear is delicious." then he chuckled again, his sword in one hand as his boots thumped along, keeping them in eyesight.

He could have easily gripped the priest and dragged her back to him. But this was more fun.

He watched as she cast a simple levitation spell and the little elflings disappeared, likely floating to the ground. The undead below would take care of them.

His prey was cornered and he had given her just a little bit of hope so he could crush it.

As he stalked behind her he watched the blood red hair shift and her soft featured face turn to stare at him. He gave her a dark grin and lifted the sword.

"Nowhere left to run, little elf." he could see the pulse in her neck beating rapidly. He could smell her fear.

Maybe he would keep her alive for a little bit and feed off that terror. Savor every last bit of it.

His other hand reached out, clad in its black thick glove, palm out. Then he closed it and whispered a dark curse as he felt unholy magic rush towards her and grip her.

But something stopped it. Then he saw the gleam of light around her. It couldn't be coming from her.

His head moved back and forth until he saw on the streets below him, an older woman with her hands stretched into the air. The light surrounded her.

The death knight bellowed in frustration as his mind was filled with icy rage. His eyes looking to the younger on the roof with him. With two large strides, he covered the distance between them.

Then grabbed at her, catching her around the middle, he hefted her over his shoulder, the spike there piercing her soft flesh. He could smell her blood.

She struggled and wailed in pain and terror. His red eyes locked with the older she-elf. The old bitch would pay for stepping in between a hunter and his prey.

The elf on his shoulder stopped struggling when she realized the spike in her was only doing more harm the more she moved. He could hear her crying and whimpering.

Pathetic soft elves, so easy to kill. Gripping her legs tight, he jumped from the roof to the cobbled street below with a roar of anger and hatred.

With a loud curse as he fell towards the stone, the ground lit up in a ring of red sigils. He landed in the middle of it, like a falling meteor, the ground gave way with a loud crack and shake.

The force of his magic having created a crater and a small quake around it..

The elder priestess was flung backwards and knocked into daze, laying on the broken stones that snaked out from his impact zone.

The undead orc tossed the younger one to the side, blood staining her white robe

"Stay, lil' elf." he snarled as took a few steps forward then reached out with his hand and pulled the older priestess down to him, gripping her with his dark curse.

His sword was still drawn, and as the black magic pulled the old elf to him. His sword ran her through, slowly impaling the woman.

He whispered into the gutted elf's long ear, slowly twisting the sword around as the elf screamed in agony.

"Ya just prolonged 'er suffering bitch." He tusky grin was smug as he watched the life drain from the older woman's eyes. He let the dead elf fall off his sword and crumple to the ground.

Reaching out, the death knight pulled the air as if it were the strings of life and with a flash of black energy,

the corpse rose and slowly turned into a thing so vile and dirty that Ky'lana screamed in horror. He had raised her teacher and friend as a ghoul.

Then those red eyes turned back to her and she began to weakly scramble to the side of the small crater. Half crawling, half scrambling, tears streaming down her face.

She cried out "No!" But he just chuckled and with but a word he stunned her and slammed the sword into the ground in front of her to block her.

Her blue eyes stared at the bloody sword, still dripping with the insides of her teacher.

She couldn't move or stop the death knight behind her. All she could do was pray. Time slowed and it seemed for her as she heard the crunching of his heavy footfalls.

She felt pressure as one of his boots slow pushed on her ankle. Slowly, agonizingly crushing the delicate bone. Ky'lana couldnt even scream at this point.

The pain was there. Every bit of it. The puncture in her side, and now his weight pressing down. She felt the bone give and heard the sickening crack that came with it.

Hot white fire shot through the damaged ankle. Her mouth opened as she tried to scratch at his boot and curl in on herself. No sound came out.

He took his boot off of her shattered ankle with a sick grin dank green face.

"That hurt didn't it, elf. There is more o' that to come." He promised darkly.

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