Of Orcs and Elves: Prelude End
Of Orcs and Elves: Prelude End blood elf stories

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The great elven city of Silvermoon, has fallen. In the midst of the chaos, destiny begins to weave its thread through the souls of two characters on opposite sides. Their meeting is not a happy one, but they will need each other to survive. The threads of fate and time have been woven. Their choices could spell the end of Azeroth, or its hope.

This is part of the "Of Orcs and Elves: Prelude" to my World of Warcraft fan fiction. I do not own the World of Warcraft. These are original characters in the game world, and credit for all mentions of World of Warcraft and its products and characters goes to Blizzard.

Hope you enjoy.

Of Orcs and Elves: Prelude End

Ky'lana awoke to a bone chilling cold on a hard stone floor. She groaned and rolled to her side, heaving out the contents of her stomach.

Her ankle throbbed, her head was splitting, and her side hurt. She wondered what happened, then the memories came back like a swirl of leaves on an autumn day. Broken and full of regret.

She let out a sob and curled up on the icy stones.

No longer brave or full of anger. Just sadness and horror. Ky'lana was trapped in a nightmare. Her body shivering as she tried to scoot away from the puddle of bile.

She laid curled up in misery and pain for so long she lost track of time.

Heavy boots, plated, the young elf knew that sound. It had started all of this on the roof. Then in her teary, blurry vision she saw someone kneel down and reach for her.

She squeaked with a hoarse voice and moved back like a caterpillar, scrunching up.

In the process she slid along the stone and a fresh new pain hit her. Try as she might, the movement got her nowhere but pain and a set of large hands and arms hoisted her up.

It took the elf this long to realize her hands and feet were bound. Up and over a shoulder she went like a sack of flour. She hiccuped and sobbed harder.

"P-please let me go." she begged

"Nar. I like the idea of having an elf fer a pet" His hoarse voice rumbled through her bones.

"W-why me?"

"I want to see the hope die in ya. When ya beg fer death, I'll grant it. Then you can serve the Lich King in yer death."

He chuckled softly and bounced her on his shoulder, causing her to hiss in pain.

"No! I won't serve him!" he chuckled again as he turned and walked out. It would happen. All would serve him in the end.

"That's right pet, fight. I'm going to enjoy this."

"Do not call me that!"

"Oh, I'll call you pet, and so will others. Forget yer name, pet. It no longer matters. Ya want to escape, don't be surprised."

"But remember, death awaits ya, and with that, servitude in undead follows. Yer continued existence and freedom in life, is all in my hands, Pet."

He swatted her rear end and chuckled darkly as she wiggled and cried again in pain.

Ky'lana realized that she had been given an impossible situation. Anyway she would lose. The only hope she had was to stay alive long enough to escape or be rescued.

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