I love you
I love you lies-2018 stories

jennifervittoe Fantasy Writer
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Love can be the greatest lie on earth. Or the biggest truth.

I love you

Wedding so beautiful, a honeymoon so perfect.

Vows to last forever. I love you.

Rings on the fingers, a childhood to remember.

Together forever we will be. I love you.

Words so painful, a depression so great.

Promises broken. I love you.

Broken bones, a broken home.

Screams in the night. I love you

Bruises under dark glasses, a trust shattered.

A baby on the way. I love you.

Lawyer in secret found, payments made.

Signatures signed. I love you.

Papers served to you, surprise I have left.

Police protection. I hate you.

I lied, you lied and now we live with the regret.

I loved you once, and lied when I stopped.

If we had just said we didn't, would you have stopped the torture?

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