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jennifergrace20 21 y/o art student and poet ✨
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The heart hammer.

The heart hammer

When something happens,

Like a death, or a break up, or a failure

It often feels like your heart is hit by a hammer.

Molten steel against raw flesh, cold ice against roasting, pulsating veins.

It is not easy, being hit by the heart hammer.

In fact, it is very, very hard.

The heart hammer takes no prisoners. No mercy.

Just that incessant pounding, where your throat feels like it's being ripped ragged

Your stomach falls to the bottom of your shoes

And your heart squeezes so tightly into itself to stop the hurting that

It just hurts more.

If you ever wield the heart hammer,

Do not take it lightly.

For though it is an easy swing,

The consequences

Can be devastating.

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