Hearts leap, souls dance
Hearts leap, souls dance  surprise stories

jennifergrace20 21 y/o art student and poet ✨
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Not all surprises are good.

Hearts leap, souls dance

In a masquerade of motion, writhing, colourful bodies, hair flipped back and swirling like the many curling snakes of Medusa

I stand at the edge of the party, peering in from the door. The music swells, and a tear rolls down my cheek.

One of these beautiful, vibrant souls I shall have to take tonight.

A surprise. A death. There will be many different kinds of surprise in this room tonight.

Shock, as they realise what is happening Horror Disgust Fear ... waking up in another world

It is time.

I stalk into the fray, the music curdling like milk in my ears, the thumping of the bass echoing around my empty heart. Yes, not all surprises are good. In fact, some surprises are the most terrible of all.

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