The smile that changed
The smile that changed  smile stories

jennifergrace20 21 y/o art student and poet ✨
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The smile of my love has changed.

The smile that changed

Ever since we first started seeing each other, his smile has changed. At first, halting, full of unease and nerve - I was the first in his life, how was he supposed to know what to do?

Second, that typical smile of a first crush, where your stomach ties itself in knots and butterfly wings fill your throat. Those moments are precious, that painful smile is a memory.

Then, growing stronger, more relaxed - He laughs with me, we two in company, and true friendship grins through at last. This smile is great! There is so much fun Behind the smile Of my lovely one.

We continue through the years, Mostly with smiling, rarely with tears He stands by my side Steady His smile glitters through the darkest moments To make me feel safe

Come to this day. My 21st birthday. He comes to see me from far away, he holds me close and smiles, and says “I love you”

He didn’t need to say that. For I already saw it in his eyes as he smiled The soft crease at the edges I gazed, for a while At this face.. so utterly open and clear

With the smile that said “I love you, my dear.”

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