Water & Oil
Water & Oil affection stories

jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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The differences in a relationship

Water & Oil

She was like water he was like oil, Blended together was an over boil.

Somehow they seemed to come back together again, Knowing they could never be just friends. A love like no other filled with lust and hate, They knew how to make it work, How much was on there plate.

To make this last, Sacrifices had to be made. As they could no longer live together playing these games.

He loved her so much that he let his guard down, She in return learned to smile no longer having a frown.

Still opposite ends of the spectrum they made this battle of theirs into a serenade. Without each other; their hearts would just break.

After some time passes a new union formed as the water & oil became their new norm.

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