Unsteady She Stands
Unsteady She Stands foot stories
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jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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The title of my first poetry book I’m working on 😊

Unsteady She Stands

A traumatic brain injury- the invisible illness, A horrific fall caused my demise... I am lucky I did not die

Yet I still stand instead as unsteady as it may be, Trying to find that yin and yang inside of me.

Days can be long, my mind can be a blur, Trying to speak at times is just said with a slur.

Writing is my solace as I can still connect words, My journal is where I divulge all the pain that is felt but not heard.

A teardrop you may see in this whirlwind surrounding me, Still I stand not so gracefully.

Every morning I wake I am thankful for a new day, As unsteady as I am I’m here to stay.

You would never know to look at me, The fall that could have ended thee. Sometimes I’m still off balance, Hey that’s just the new me.

So keep putting one foot in front of the other, learn to love what you don’t realize is taken so please don’t hypothesize I am a survivor - so keep on walking even when you want to say goodbye...

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