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jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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The struggles we go through


Quarter past midnight she walks the streets alone, A bottle in her hand the place she calls home.

Sitting down by the lake she takes another swig, Anything to ensure she doesn’t feel a thing.

A broken down system of her heart and mind, Alcohol is her unapologetic release oh so divine.

Stumbling now down by the shoreline it becomes clear, He’s not coming back after all the years,

The epiphany left her stuck like a hamster in a cage, Tears welled up as her mind and heart raged.

He left her years ago it was that first time love, Ripping her heart out when he decided to move on.

Did they grow apart is what it would seem, Being together since their early teens.

Why couldn’t she move on knowing she deserves more, So goes down another drink by the shore.

Simply broken and looking for a token in the dark of night, If she could just see her own worth she just might.

Move on and find that perfect piece of art, Perhaps look for a fresh start, For now she continues to hold that bottle close, That best friend of drowning memories that mean the most.

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