The Storm Explodes
The Storm Explodes nose stories

jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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The Storm Explodes

Night sky goes through the stages of the moon, Skies darken and has fallen black, The thunder rolls in with the sound of a clap.

Melancholy in my soul as the first tear drop hits my nose the storm explodes, Somehow I don’t feel so alone while the sky is crying in a stage of hysteria of fury and rage,

Trying to collect myself the rain keeps falling down my face, I must release this pain entangled in my heart before it tears me apart.

Louder the rumble crashes knowing this is a mimic of letting go which needs to be infinite, My body is shaking to the bone, I can’t stand still, as it unshackles my limbs.

Searching for strength the storm starts to calm, Without another tear to cry, my eyes are dry, I scream at the sky, Why?

Pulling myself back together again, tonight Mother Nature was my friend, The sun will rise tomorrow as will I, stronger than yesterday as the night passes by...

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