The Midnight Stranger
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jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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Kindness of a stranger

The Midnight Stranger

Her hands were dirty with mistakes she made, nails broken, hearts stolen, disheveled hair, Looking like she’s been in a grave for years,

Sitting on a corner begging for change, Her hustle in life is no longer a game.

Living on the streets, A cardboard box for her to sleep, The winters air is coming soon.

Her only wish is a warm room, shower, and a fresh cooked meal, Never coming to fruition just a dream to feel.

One night when the temps fall below zero, She meets a sort of hero, He spots her walking home at night, Skin and bones shaking from the air and fright.

His eyes were blue as they hit the moonlight, He couldn’t walk away from seeing her frail sight, Not having much to give but a few dollars left over from the night.

Touching her hands, looking into her eyes, Realizing this woman is so much more than her disguise.

In a genuine need taking off his coat and gloves, Drapes it over her shoulders and placing them on her hands, He kisses her on her forehead not a word said walks away never to be seen again

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