The Fight
The Fight hate stories

jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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To hate is to fight-yourself or another life is too short

The Fight

We are not born with resentment, Nor are we born with malicious intent, So what drives this beast into our soul I ask?

Is it something learned that takes control? Or is it revenge that fuels this beast full? Can you spite without a right? Purely because of the lessons you were taught at the age of understanding fight?

Is there “ a fine line between” like they always say? Between love and hate or is it just words for play? Do you think animosity makes the world go round? Or does the repulsion knock us to the ground?

Have you ever truly thought what you hated and why? Life can change in an instant with your heart feeling dry, This detest that we create is NOT helping us humans today, So I ask please try to keep the premonition away.

If we could be in CONTROL of this hurtful emotion, Is to love with pure devotion, Let’s conquer this grasp of the definition we carry of hate off our backs!!

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