That Perfect KISS
That Perfect KISS affection stories

jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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That one special moment in time... affection.
I hope you enjoy!!

That Perfect KISS

His lips were like satin, His desire felt when we kissed, He held me close - emotions overflowing with warmth and tenderness.

His gentle graze moving my hair, For a moment in time I forget who’s there, A true sign of endearment spoken without words.

Will this moment last forever of such pure bliss? I’m afraid to look away at what I might miss. Or will it fade to never-land beyond this perfect kiss?

He looks me in my eyes, His such a soft pale blue In those eyes I see what this kiss meant to him too.

A lifetime of longing for that perfect man, Only to realize he is here holding my hands.

A moment forever embarked into the corners of my mind and soul, This man with beautiful lips who I now call home.

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