Please use Caution
Please use Caution  advice stories

jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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Advice can be dangerous

Please use Caution

Until you’ve taken a step in this life, Please don’t underestimate my spite.

I’ve been broken down and bruised, Many voices burnt my soul with words used.

Go this way not that, you did what?? So I choose to keep my mouth shut.

How can you possibly feel my pain, Nor how life can drive you insane.

Depression haunts deeply in me, Losing my way more than once you see.

Take this pill it will make you smile, While the days fumble by feeling like miles.

Advice can be a dangerous game, If interpreted as blame.

Please use caution it should be stamped, Words are broken down by each differently in the minds map. Never dull someone’s light or make them weak, Kindness is so important when you speak.

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