One Word
One Word scissors stories

jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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One Word

Cutting one word from a book can leave an empty page, When the word is placed on your heart you feel it with pain.

Can this still be a story with the scissors that have just been used? Where do we go from here now that I’m black and blue?

I was not forgiven for years from a dear old friend, Never wanting to admit this space was my descend. Leaving one page blank the story couldn’t end.

The word was MISTAKE, my eyes swelled as I couldn’t hold back tears, In the book of our friendship I would have wanted any other word to hear,

Where do we go from here, hearts broken, egos stamped, trying to come back to some square ground, Putting down the scissors was the best sound.

So there’s hope for the future or so it may seem, Baby steps until then as we walk with forgiveness and ease.

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