My Angel
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jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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She called me her 10th child

My Angel

Thinking all beliefs years ago was lost, Feeling deflated like a balloon that is popped.

Struggling to fathom why life would hurt so bad, Watching my world fall apart by my own hands.

Desperately seeking something or someone to believe she came to me in a dream, Passing years before she whispered in my ear to look out for more.

Looking for her words to no avail, The hawk started to visit me when my heart would rain or hail.

Crossing my path or following me she would fly, Confirming this was my Grandma soaring high, Watching over me after all these years I realized ,

Taking me time to understand why she isn’t here everyday, Knowing how many others she will protect as they pray. She called me her tenth child, Caring so deep and unconditionally.

Feeling her love greater than that wing span, She is my angel forever more while I’m here on land.

Until the day I can see her again, I’m beyond grateful for this protection, wisdom and strength, Your guidance and love is my faith.

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