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jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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The importance of our wrists

Mind, Hand, and Heart

My wrists are marked by shades of scars, When love for myself escaped to Mars

Leaving me feeling empty and alone, Fighting in this battle bone to bone.

As I stand today my feet feel a little lighter, I know longer want to say goodbye in a fire.

These wrists I harbor will forever be a reminder, To be gentle to myself treating them a little kinder.

I can now find a beauty in what I use to cover up and hide, As they allow me to write-when I feel most alive.

My words are my sanctuary whether happy or sad, They are experiences of the life thus far I’ve had.

Knowing today I have so much to give, Days to be filled with happiness yet to live.

I still have so many words to write, To think I almost lost that with a cut of a knife.

I no longer take for granted little things like touching a pen to a page, Our wrists carry a strength we don’t realize we engage.

These joints are truly a piece of art, As they can connect the mind, hand and heart.

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