Karma’s Colors
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jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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Me & my daughters conversation on Karma ended up into colorful poetry.

Karma’s Colors

Karma today seems to be based on ones energy and the aftermath..... Do you believe in Karma? I do.....

Do you ever wish that Karma come full circle? Ever thought about the colors it can be attributed to?

What if someone has done something evil or mean, I see RED. Full of anger, rage and dark thoughts.

This aura of red can easily dull into the color orange once the anger subsides.... Orange equals caution or perhaps watch your back, that red was there for a reason.... don’t forget.

Anger can be released into many different traits, but once the anger subsides... I feel a shade of gray, not black or white, just that sadness in between of what has been done. If we allow this gray to take over it will fade to....

Black, to walk away is a choice. What if I said I told you so? Would that have changed this beginning and ending? Still to this day I’m waiting for Karma to come full circle. Until that day know it is powerful and can be ones fate, so use caution, and be kind.

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