Imminent Danger
Imminent Danger calm stories

jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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Relying on calm in the midst of a storm

Imminent Danger

Bound by imminent danger cars honking as they pass her by, Still not struck she’s stuck in the middle of the road wondering why?

The speed limit is sixty to her it looks faster than the speed of light. Looking for a calm in the chaos an almost impossible fight.

Aware they cannot stop without causing a wreck, She is sure she has summoned her own death.

She begs they just keep moving passed her with a slight turn to the left, Her mind is racing at the speed of the lights passing her by, Was she looking to end this, if so why?

Her heart beating louder regretting the decision she had made, Breaking down in tears stuck in this charade.

Needing the passerby’s to slow down she begs with a scream, Just now realizing this is more than just a dream.

Her heart beating faster as she tries to take that first step, Then another BEEP comes flying by the water splashing makes her all wet.

Too close of a call she begins to weep, Closing her eyes to catch her breathe and find some peace. Hoping she can slow down the motions moving passed her feet, Level headed now reassessing the problem to defeat.

Putting out her arms screaming “Please Stop”, A few kind strangers stop and help her to the next spot, Only two more lanes until she is safe, Feeling overwhelmed with disgrace.

With the kindness of strangers she makes it back to car safe, Feeling quite disgruntled and shame swept across her face, She thought she was stronger than her mind of hate.

Taking in some deep breaths trying to ease her mind, One lesson learned is she wants to be alive. Looking at the tranquility and nature around, She realized her feet were meant to be on the ground.

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