I Tried to Trust
I Tried to Trust oxen stories
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jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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A life in disarray

I Tried to Trust

My days are now filled in a dull grey haze, While my life had fallen into a disarray.

What once was a smile is now exploding tears, Screaming at the top of my lungs but nobody hears.

The world outside seems so damn joyful, I’m lucky if I step outside, These four walls are creeping in with no where for me to turn I am stuck inside.

The pain is bleeding from my battered heart, Blatantly used and broken tearing me apart.

Take another pill numb the pain for a moment, Reality then kicks in and I somehow need to own this.

I tried to trust I swear I did, I just ended up getting shit on instead, I thought we were friends, Where are you now?

My head is angry and heavy like an oxen, Colors are all black and filled with toxins, Where do I go from here is the conflict?

Pick myself up is what I must do, How and where do I start I have no clue?

Do I wait for some miracle a pill to fix it all, Wouldn’t that be nice, but they don’t exist so I continue to fall.

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