Her Prey
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jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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The games we play.....can burn

Her Prey

You thought she was soft, Did you misread those dark eyes?

A mystery dressed in a devilish disguise, She will entice you with her deviant ways. Yet be so kind when you meet, she knows you’re set up for a treat.

She is a woman who wears her halo on her horns, She will seduce you as you become her prey. She will tantalize you with her words for days, Leave you feeling in a haze..

She will entice your mind in believing she is sweet, As she wears that red dress on the night you meet. She laughs as you fall even more, Though she will not let you fall to the floor.

You still think she is soft? Well guess again... She has played this game a few times you see, She will no longer be the loser to be She is a heart less woman til’ the end...

She is a product of lessons learned, She swore she will never again get burned..

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