Held Captive
Held Captive grasping stories

jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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A death defying grip...

Held Captive

Keeping her held captive in a cell smaller than a four by four, Brick by brick she picks looking for the keys to the door.

Aware she deserves better than what he has to give, Knowing she can no longer stay devoted to the evil inside him.

She is NOT his prisoner she reminds him everyday, Even though this snaps his anger to no longer be kept at bay.

One jolt was all it took to knock her down to the floor, Sobbing and bruised she knows this can not be endured anymore.

He still thinks she is his prisoner in the cells of his mind, Now she sees his greed and cruelty both intertwined.

Brick by brick she walks getting up once again, No longer thinking she can beat the demons he harbors within.

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