Happy Birthday Mom
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jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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Happy Birthday Mom - My Rock

Happy Birthday Mom

Blending a family is built piece by piece, You take careful steps to help keep the peace.

A love grows slowly through the years. Learning each of my brother & sisters as peers.

Keeping the balance so none of the children feel fear, At the core is my Mom, the one who will embrace, wipes away the tears, never leaving her children with doubt.

We started off as a square of four, Now we’ve grown into a small village with so many more.

Each child now an adult trying to figure their own life out, All now with children of there own, my how our family has grown.

What always remains at the core to keep things in tact, My Mother’s Love as she always has our back, Loving despite our faults and with no slack.

She is the apparatus that holds us close, The person who loves us the most.

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