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jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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Fragile Heart

Glass Cabinet

Keeping her heart held under lock and key, In her glass cabinet that only she could touch or see.

Every once in a blue moon, She was tempted to share the colors that bloomed.

It had been broken down and now mended with scars, Wondering at times how she’s made it through so far?

Being held captive by her own regard, Has been a lonely place as the years passed made it hard.

In safe keeping knowing every now and again it needed to be dusted down, She would polish that untouched heart like a crown.

Kindness and self-love were the best way, From losing her heart in disarray.

Hoping one day to be removed from that glass, Searching for a love that would last.

Until that day her heart will remain under lock and key, This fragile heart of mine beating inside me.

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