Eye of the Storm
Eye of the Storm  fury stories
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jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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The fury of Mother Nature

Eye of the Storm

Thunder clouds roar like the sky is breaking, Lightening is convulsing, Clouds shriek as if it needs to release.

Rain begins to drip then follows a rage, Watching this unravel I’m stuck in a daze, A shift in the storm turns to a dark sky, No where to run I’m powerless standing by.

Madness is brewing I can feel it in my veins, Stuck without momentum in this blurry haze, Dirt starts to kick up and spiral out of control, Entertaining its demons yelling in full.

The storm is taken over by the tornado master, Running to flee away from this intense disaster, Stuck in the EYE of its twisted rage, Turbulence is more than a gentle graze.

Holding on for dear life praying this will soon pass, Fear is all consuming like a heart attack, Intensity still boiling my fingers slipping, Lost in the disarray of its brutal whipping.

Mother Nature is a Beast, Kicking vigorously up ashes, Knocking down the world, A violent passion.

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