Crimson Red
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jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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Isolation, fear, anxiety

Crimson Red

Her hair is crimson red like the sun setting over the ocean, She was so soft with a loves devotion, Yet so alone in the place she called home.

Yet she was so fragile like a child’s core, Where the sun sets and rises right beyond her door. So afraid of the world outside, The noises, voices, crowds, and sights.

Leaving the comforts of her home made her stiff as a board, Every day waking and getting dressed trying to walk out that door but to no accord, Looking beautiful in black, but so pale from no sun, would succumb to feat.

Each time she would hit that door and try to leave she would reprieve, An anxiety and fear so deep with the world steps away from her feet.

The mind has played her for a fool too many times, Lost in an array of her mythical rhymes, No monsters lie ahead just the ones envisioned in her head.

One night tossing and turning trying to sleep, She had a visitor of the angelic kind, Whispering “I will protect you the time is now”...

In a panic she got up, quickly dressed and looked outside, it was two a.m. Feeling her body soften for the first time in years and that fear slowly dissipate.

She tip toed through her house down to the front door, She bravely opened that door for the first time in years, The nights chilly air almost knocked her off her tiny feet.

She heard the ocean waves, saw the moon and stars, and not a soul in sight, She sat and teared up and said “Why would I fight such a beautiful sight?”, Slowly that board began to soften.

Tonight was just a few steps, she has a long way to go. No matter the distance she feels self-love and self-glory which is growth.

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