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jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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The game of life and struggles in a relationship


I blow on the dice rolling a damn two - Wouldn’t you know snake eyes lands The bad luck starts again so I just hold back my own hands Trying not to cry over the money I just lost Or the fact that he thinks he’s the boss

He plays with my mind like the table Then has the nerve to ask why I’m not stable A constant game that I never seem to win As I always give in to him

He rolls the dice - lucky number number seven The irony between the differences in us two Is his next roll is an eleven

I roll the dice for the last time - what are the odds snake eyes again The name of the game seems to be quite fitting The melancholy I feel within

He treats me like the dice I roll Like I’m only worth the snake eyes He no longer makes me whole

Little does he know I am worth so much more I will no longer play this game with my tears hitting the floor He says “No stay” but for the first time I walk away as I can’t take this anymore

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