Bees that Swarm
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jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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Lost in a maze

Bees that Swarm

Don’t put me in a box or store me up inside, The rights and wrongs of this twisted mind.

In my head is a camp where all my thoughts are locked, Heartbreaks, sins & love all sealed with a block.

Trekking my way through each and everyday, Trying to make some sense of this twisted maze.

Frustration at times like a rock stuck in a lake, I trip over things lost that make my heart break.

Searching into the depths deep into my soul, Using a flashlight and a compass to find my way home.

A tent used for protection of life’s brutal storm, While keeping others at bay like bees that swarm.

I’ll light a fire to burn all my sins away, Then again without those lessons I don’t know who I would be today?

My love is pure and sincere it scares me to share, So I use my pocketknife to keep me guarded from anymore bears.

In these woods I remain in my camo finding my way through this dwell, Searching for some peace between my heaven and my hell.

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