Beautiful & Broken Bi-Polar Mind
Beautiful & Broken
Bi-Polar Mind advertisement stories

jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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Bi-polar life & meds

Beautiful & Broken Bi-Polar Mind

Depression lurks around each corner chasing me like a child playing tag, I lose every time I need them

Wreckless behavior is my middle name without It is essential

The highs are beyond high, I can laugh, smile, enjoy life like I’m floating, An obligation to myself

The lows are heartbreakingly low, I don’t want to exist... So I require them

Cutting to release from the wretched pain of this world, to feel and SEE I am alive, So I must take them

Panic attacks that eliminate me from family, crowds, isolating is your best friend, I can’t breathe, I pop another

Losing all control..... So they take me AWAY

Warped in a dream so heavily medicated I forget my name to calm this beautifully, broken, bi-polar mind, Your medications were not working they say?!?!?!

Weight gain, drowsiness, May cause kidney failure, Just a glimpse of the effects, I pop ten more

Commercials make you feel the beauty in medicine, or that I dance because I am healed, The truth is......advertisements It’s not always such a pretty picture

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