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jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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An analogy on today’s prompt and the weight of the world


Weighing at least fifty pounds, Knees shaking as it would get heavier and bring her down. With every step it is like another stone is added

Left thirsty for water and panting to take a breath, She took another step then BOOM she went.

Screaming AHHHHH at the top of her lungs, Knowing this was her battle to be undone. The backpack was stuck, marks imprinted on her neck , No weight was lifted and no turning back.

Knowing she needed to remove a rock, Her world was suddenly struck with shock. Tears started to flow, with the pain of letting go, All the anger, fear, and hopes of a better year.

Still no clue why she couldn’t say goodbye, To all the pain endured in her life. Years of ache tied to this pack and she always seemed to look back.

The day has turned to night and the sun has set, Then a slight breeze brushing her tears as she wept. Looking down at her blisters and scraped knees, She knew she had to release some of these..

First was a brick, it was heavy set and thick, Containing all her childhood anger and people that were mean, Mustering up the strength to toss it into the stream.

Just enough for her to stand, Wipes the sand off her hands. She begins the trek again, with each step a little lighter within. 1 stone, 2 stones, 3 stones and 4, Releasing them now like never before

Almost home, now she can see the light, As the moonlight breaks upon the night. Her pack is not empty, Not sure it ever will be, Baby steps will lead her heart to be free.

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