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jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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Those gold coins


A poor child was desperately looking for some some ice cream on the hot Summers Day, His Mother left him at birth and he lived as a foster child.

On his walk back to the orphanage he came across a wishing well, Not knowing what this truly was looking down he thought all his wishes came true.

He jumped in so fast and collected as many gold coins as he could, his pockets were full, Never being noticed by the workers he treated all his friends to ice cream!

Believing it was the best day of his life when they got back to the orphanage he was confronted about the money, Sobbing he stated I found a wishing well and all my dreams came true I found gold, what did I do wrong?

Gently they explained how others toss in the coins making a wish, He felt horrible- like he had stolen from others.

Knowing he could never replace all the gold coins he promised to atone for the wishes he took, and he did. He was on his best behavior that day forward, got adopted, and always smiled at strangers and grew up to help those in need.

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