As the Dust Settles
As the Dust Settles control stories

jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
Autoplay OFF   •   a year ago
A combination of prompts shelf & control as I missed yesterday....

As the Dust Settles

I’m giving you my all yet you keep pushing me away, Not sure if I will fall or stand another day.

You ask me just to wait until the dust settles, To put me on a shelf like some sort of flower petal.

Time can be a funny thing while you’re waiting, Going on and on like a flight to a far destination.

This is hard on me and my patience is growing thin, With that said I’m also not the person who leaves while your in a tailspin.

Just please don’t mistake my kindness for weakness, As this will not cause meeknes.

I will do the best I can give by trying to wait, While we see what happens to our fate.

I am not meant to be on a shelf, I am meant to be a support and help. This control you simply cannot have, As I am a strong woman who will not be halved.

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