A Special Kind of Grace
A Special Kind of Grace position stories
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jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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For my Step Grandmother who is beyond special to me

A Special Kind of Grace

Her beauty is elegance withstanding time, Writing her poetry with a rhythm and rhyme

A heart so endless her love so gentle and kind, With words spoken from wisdom undefined.

Those precious hands that have held up the world, With her husband raising a beautiful boy & girl.

Now a grandmother-great grandmotherof too many to count, Still loving each one with the same amount.

The blessings you have given to us all, Is truly a gift that will endlessly withstand tall.

The vows you gave so many years ago, Is something to be admired and a great example to show.

Moving through life with a special kind of grace, Anyone lucky enough to have met you will never forget that face.

She is truly a piece of heaven on earth, An angel in disguise who gives all her worth.

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