A Fisherman’s Tale
A Fisherman’s Tale achieve stories

jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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Hook, net & seize

A Fisherman’s Tale

At the break of dawn he wakes, A beautiful morning the fog still sitting on the lake.

While the sun just starts to rise, He breathes in the fresh air and adjusts his eyes, Overlooking the boat in the midst of the lake shore.

Gathering up his day for the lake he struts to his boat, Clock has reached six a.m. a prime time to swim and float, No one to disturb you, a lake all yours,

As he sinks in the heat of the Summers morn. The boat now packed up and ready for the day, Cracking open a beer ready to play,

Finding the precise placement he shuts down the engine roar. Setting his fishing poles with precision and care, Staying focused at the task at hand enjoying the fresh air,

Placed in the middle of the lake he hooks his first bite, As he raises his pole to win this fight, Netting the fish a perfect size, One after another as the bait choice was wise.

Feeling accomplished of today’s achievement he’s seized the prize, Buckets are full o’plenty after a day of work and play.

Truly a Fishermen’s great day.

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